Daily Tech Thoughts

What You Need To Know About Offering Subscriptions

You’ve either been offering subscriptions or you’re wanting to. It looks easy on the front-end. It looks promising and looks very lucrative. Right? Those are all true but you need to know what you need to know first. Otherwise you’ll end up regretting having added subscriptions to your offers at all.  So when do you…

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CEU: Using certification portals to support your continuing education program offers.

We’ve had quite a few sites built with the ability to apply Continuing Education Units to certification members lately. So I thought, it’d be great for businesses around the same realm to see what’s actually possible for them. So let’s dive right in! Before all that though, what are CE’s and who uses it? According…

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How Custom Is Your Custom LMS – Part 2

So yesterday, I shared a few of the custom web applications we’ve built throughout our years in business. Read here if you haven’t already. Continuing on from yesterday, here are more options that might get that light bulb on top of your head lit up!  With these here, I’m actually not sure how to categorize…

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