How Dan O'Rourke Got Successful Online Course Even If He's Not Techy

Discover how you can become an Online Authority, like our clients who are  dentists and doctors, with your Online Course and instantly have raving students!

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For a very limited time, Charm is going to lead your FREE Live One-on-One Demo! So grab your seat and find out how our amazing professional clients are making their way up in the Online Education Industry and making 6-7 figure online program launches!

Charm Fernandez is the founder & CEO of SophisTECHated Marketing & Developments, Co. She is an AccessAlly™ Certified Partner and ITIL® Certified Expert. 

Charm is a marketing and website strategist who focuses on high ticket programs that help boost your online engagement and program revenues. 

Her formal education in the fields of Information Systems Management, Web Development and Targeted Marketing help her bring a more cohesive approach to her work with clients. 

Today, Charm helps established business owners in strategizing their business online and to drive clients to their high ticket programs through sound lead generation, optimization and exclusively customized membership and online course website development.


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In this FREE DEMO, you'll discover:

  • ways to structure your online program content with your members in mind
  • how to design both front-end and functionality of your site with members in mind
  • when and how to successfully launch your programs
  • the exact formula you need to grow your program and be more profitable
  • how to get more new and repeat members
  • ... and much more

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